Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 4 :My top five favourite blogs

A little Note

Hello ! Just a little note.If you noticed I skipped day three,because I sort of already did it in day 2 .Let's continue ! 

My Top Five Favourite Blogs 

Here are some amazing blogs to read or follow !

  Amy's blog is so helpful ! If you are a blogger or starting a blog check it out .Trust me it         well help you .

       4.A Beautiful Mess
A lifestyle blog written by two sisters.They share home decor projects,recipes,crafts,style,tips and bits about their life .

Another blogspot blog .This blog has pretty much everything ! From fashion,home,interiors,lifestyle,music,recipes and personal.

Meg Say is a blogger and vlogger .Her blog has beauty,fashion and lifestyle .She was diagnosed with an incurable illness in 2012 called M.E she started Meg Says as a project and since then it has become one of her passions in life.

  1. Zoella

You probably already know who she is or heard of her .Zoe is a blogger and vlogger .She is an amazing writer.Her blog is about beauty,food,life,places and style .


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