Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Day 5 : The best advice I ever got

                                     Let's Go !

The best advice I ever got was from my best friend . I was nervous to start a new school.It was summer evening and we were cycling up and down the road laughing and talking ."I'm really nervous ."I admitted . "Just be your self."She said .

I didn't think much of it at the time .It probably not the best advice I got .Though it is the truest advice I got .There is no point trying to be somebody you're not.Then all your friends are going to like you for who they think you are ,and not for who you really are .

Eventually you won't be able to keep it up any more .Then it gets messy .After that happens you'll just be sad, wishing you didn't make some of the choices you did, but you'll move on in the end .

-Anonymous Girl 

Monday, 4 January 2016

Day 4 :My top five favourite blogs

A little Note

Hello ! Just a little note.If you noticed I skipped day three,because I sort of already did it in day 2 .Let's continue ! 

My Top Five Favourite Blogs 

Here are some amazing blogs to read or follow !

  Amy's blog is so helpful ! If you are a blogger or starting a blog check it out .Trust me it         well help you .

       4.A Beautiful Mess
A lifestyle blog written by two sisters.They share home decor projects,recipes,crafts,style,tips and bits about their life .

Another blogspot blog .This blog has pretty much everything ! From fashion,home,interiors,lifestyle,music,recipes and personal.

Meg Say is a blogger and vlogger .Her blog has beauty,fashion and lifestyle .She was diagnosed with an incurable illness in 2012 called M.E she started Meg Says as a project and since then it has become one of her passions in life.

  1. Zoella

You probably already know who she is or heard of her .Zoe is a blogger and vlogger .She is an amazing writer.Her blog is about beauty,food,life,places and style .


Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 2 :Meaning of your blog name (Escaping Reality)?

                                         Day 2

I have always loved sharing my thoughts and opinions .I also love writing .So owning a blog is like heaven for me .Just like an escape from reality .So put escape and reality together,
add 'ing' to escape.That how I got my blog name.

Though let's be real .For you this probably isn't an escape from reality. There is grammar mistakes .There isn't perfect pictures .Most of the posts have messy layouts .Mainly because I write short blog post in five minutes and long blog post in ten minutes .

That sound bad I know .If I was writing this blog for popularity trust me  me there would be a lot more effort going in .I just write this blog for my own enjoyment .I love writing things at the top of my head .Writing the most random things .I would hate if this blog felt like a chore .Like I had to write it .For me  blogging perfectly is boring .I'm sorry if that offends you .It is just the way I see it.For some it is an escape from reality and blogging like I do isn't .

-Anonymous Girl 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Day 1 :Intro and recent photo


Hello everyone ! This is the '31 Day Blog Challenge' .Which I thought would be perfect to 
start 2016.If you want to see what this challenge is and what I have to do  click this link.

Recent Photo  (well two since they were uploaded together )

Writing in my private online diary
"The bath looks perfect ! I have  all my favourite lush products neatly laid out on the side of the bath.I also have 'The Fault In Our Stars'  beside the bath on my white towel .I can't believe I haven't read it yet ! I got it for Christmas, but I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time .
 I forgot to read it (facepalm)  .Well maybe it was for the best .I'm so clumsy that I  would have probably  dropped it in . Then 'The Fault In Our Stars ' would have been floating in a bathtub with a fizzing lush bath bomb .While a girl (me) would have been too shocked to do anything ."

Writing in my private online diary.
"An emoji is named word of the year! That is so funny.I love emoji ! Though really emoji are consider words now ? Are they going to be a dictionary ? Emoji aren't words ............"

-Happy new year 

31 Day Blog Challenge

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How many days do you think you will do :31 days  
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