Sunday, 27 December 2015

Zero Self Esteem

Hello Everyone ! I hope you  had a wonderful Christmas .Thank you to everyone who commented and read my first blog post .It made me really happy so thank you !

Zero self esteem

Sometimes I feel like I have zero self esteem .I get anxious quite easily about things. My  life isn't bad though I just wish I had more self esteem.Self esteem doesn't effect me .It just makes me shy.It feels like a million thoughts and emotions  are going through my head bursting to be let out,but I can't say a single word.

Things that give me zero self esteem 

  1. The spots on my face 
  2. My awkwardness 
  3. School 
  4. When people don't like me
  5. What people think of me 

II know these reason are pointless and that what I hate .I worry over pointless things.
I used to be more confident in myself.Until my ex-best friend bullied me .I don't really want to tell you the long story it is  complicated . If your really want to hear it  I can write a post about it .She was pretty mean to me though I don't think she realizes it even now .She probably thinks that I just used to annoy her .We text each other on snapchat though rarely .I have a new best friend now and my life is okay. She just damaged my self esteem .My one New Years resolution is to be confident .

I remember reading a page from 'Girl Online', that I really relate to .
I'll leave the post down below this paragraph .

Top Ten Reason for Teenage Girls Getting Anxious

  1. You're supposed to look perfect all the time
  2. This coincides with your hormones deciding to go bonkers
  3. Which leads to the spottiest time of your life (making number 1 totally impossible !)
  4. Which also coincides with the first time you've had the freedom to buy chocolate (making number 3 even worse )
  5. Suddenly everybody cares about what you wear
  6. And what you wear has to look perfect too
  7. Then your supposed to pose like a supermodel 
  8. So you can take a selfie in your outfit of the day 
  9. Which you then have to post on social media for all your friends to see
  10. You're suppose to be wildly attractive to the opposite sex (while dealing with all above)


Don't worry you're not the only one .There is thousand of teenage girl who feel the same way .It is not us it adults and teenage boys too.If something similar ever happened to you I feel so sorry for you .Try to keep calm and not get anxious .

Anonymous Girl xxx


  1. Sometimes I feel like this too. I think it's a teenage thing and I used to get a bit anxious with my friends in Primary school as I am shorter than other people my age. I think EVERYONE struggles with something/s and we all have difficulties. It's important to keep yourself up with things you love and hobbies! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you for your advice .It is probably a teenage thing :) but yet I hate being shy :( it annoying sometimes xx

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  3. I know you will probably feel like the only person who feels like this- I definitely do- but just remember you are not alone. Anxiety is such a common thing. This doesn't make it good it just makes it easier. Just concentrate on the things you love, on the things you enjoy- it'll help
    Elise |